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My Mystery Box


  • Premium assortment of fruits containing 7 different varieties.
  • An element of surprise – 1 FREE add-on in every box!
  • De-select any 3 fruits from our list in case of allergies or personal dislikes.
  • Perfect for your family’s weekly nutritional requirement.
  • Total weight: 4-4.5kg

*Fruit lists change every 2 weeks.

**Mystery add-ons will range from dry fruits, whole spices, nuts, butters, greens, offers, etc.

subscription Box

Mystery Subscription Box


Mindfully curated assortment of eight fresh fruits with a surprise add-on. Perfect for those who enjoy healthy snacking, smoothies, juices, midnight cravings and surprises.

Note: Add-ons may range from dry fruits, herbs, seeds, nuts and spices.

What's Included?

Option to de-select fruits from your delivery and create a never send list in case of allergies or personal dislikes.

Flexibility to pause and resume your subscription.

Free add-ons like herbs, spices, artisanal products, DIY kits, discount coupons with every box.

A newsletter with recipes, trivia, tips and event info. Playful learning.

Convenient delivery to your doorstep and an active customer support team.

A Healthy Surprise, Every Week! A hassle-free experience of fruit indulgence.

Slide Niyaz Nazar Founder Ashwani Padman Founder Ashwani Padman The Founders The earlier you invest in health, the more dividends it pays later. We make the process of cultivating a healthy lifestyle enjoyable through a “mysterious” assortment of fruits for you to enjoy the quality of life and to lead a wholesome future.

How it works?

Pick Your Subscription Type

Choose from our monthly subscription or biweekly subscription depending on how often you like to eat your fruits. If you are still not sure try our trial box to unravel the mysterious world of fruits.

Deselect And Personalize

Deselect from the list of fruits in case of allergies or personal dislikes to create a never send list.

Free Add-ons

Expect a free add on with each box throughout the subscription for a continuous dose of surprise and mystery with every delivery. Free add-ons can range from herbs, spices, artisanal products, diy kits or discount coupons.

Door Step Delivery

Choose to receive a box of fruity freshness delivered at your doorstep in the middle of the week or the weekend.



Healthy Snacking

Fresh fruits are a great option for breakfast, snack or dessert. Eating fruit every day lowers  the risk of so many diseases also helps control our blood pressure, lowers our risk of developing certain cancers, and so much more. Certain fruits are super high in water content, which helps keep your whole body hydrated. All fruits have antioxidants which combats free radicals. Fruits are nutrient dense, and provide our bodies with vitamins and minerals. Having fruits delivered to you in a set frequency is essential to achieving  recommended daily vitamins and nutrients. So, why not pick a fruit next time you feel hungry.

Donation Box

From: 1,299.0

Be a Mystery Angel and donate a box of fruits to underprivileged kids at GOI recognised homes that we have partnered with.  In donation boxes, we give priority for the number of fruits than the variety of fruits, so that all inmates get enough fruits to satisfy their nutritional needs.

Small Homes

1. ​Belaku Boys and Girls Wing​ – Approx Strength – 8
2. ​Zion Foundation​ – Approx Strength – 21
3. ​Home of Faith ​- Approx Strength – 27

Big Homes

1. ​Rakshana Charitable Trust​ – Approx Strength – 51
2. ​Grace Home​ – Approx Strength- 54
3.  ​Auxilium Rainbow Home​ – Approx Strength – 62


What others say

Aabshar Askari

The quality & variety of the fruits is fantastic. Love the fact that there's zero plastic in the packaging and it's designed to be reused. The surprise element is delightful and I look forward to the upcoming deliveries.

Varsha Viswanathan

Don't we all love fruits! And when it's a box of exotic and fresh fruits, it's even better! Well, that's exactly what is about, a box full of health and freshness! You can gift this beautiful box of goodness to your loved ones, or just have it all to yourself! ?

Pankaj Singh

I may have only seen so many of them in the super market and never found myself picking them. Brilliant quality of fruits and quick personalised delivery, I love it. When they say hand picked they really mean it :). The mystery angle is amazing too. I look forward for my weekly box specially for this.


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