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Why Mystery Box?

Mindfully Curated

Each mystery box is a well thought out assortment of seasonal fruits that are perfectly balanced in flavour, texture, nutrients and colour. It’s a complete experience for your five senses. The ripeness factor of every fruit in the box is kept in mind to make sure it’s a week-long love affair with our fruits.

Healthy Snacking

Having fruits delivered to you in a set frequency is essential to achieving recommended daily vitamins and nutrients. So, why not pick fruits instead of that packet of chips?

Free Addons

Each Mystery Box comes with a FREE SURPRISE ELEMENT that can range from herbs and spices to DIY kits and discount coupons. Eating fruits has never been so fun!

Never Send List

Personalize your Mystery Box with an option to deselect fruits from our list in case of allergies or personal preferences. These fruits go into your ‘never-send’ list and we will make sure you never have a bad surprise!

Eliminate Paradox of Choices

There are a zillion fruits! So, we make sure that you don’t have to exhaust yourself while figuring out what fruits to eat. Let us treat you like royalty with a well-curated box of fruits at your doorstep.


We pick fresh fruits for you while you save time to take a break after that work call. With twice a week delivery option, enjoy the convenience of relishing fruits, delivered at your doorstep.

No Commitment

Suspend your fruit subscription anytime by contacting us 2 days before the scheduled delivery. 
If you are even slightly commitment-phobic then pick our single boxes and give yourself a chance to fall in love with our fruits.

Playful Learning

Unlike Pandora’s box, Mystery Box opens a glorious new world of freshness, flavour and goodness. Our Mystery Box is here to surprise you in small big ways to create awareness about local produce, native and exotic fruits and a lot more fun activities and workshops.


We strive to take tiny steps in building a greener environment. We give you an option to return the empty packaging boxes on your next scheduled delivery, which will further be sent to recycling units.


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